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Success Stories

A few kind words, from my amazing clients has improved my marriage, my relationship with my children, and my day-to-day happiness.

I completed Stephanie’s 12-week program and it truly changed my life. I went from being overweight, frustrated, and depressed to happy, fulfilled and at peace. I have battled with binging and an unhealthy relationship with food all my life. Going through Stephanie’s program gave me the tools to finally change this! I am no longer afraid of food, nor do I obsess about what I’m eating. I have lost 10lbs, and I’m not afraid to go out with my husband and indulge from time to time. My gut health has improved and I feel like my body is finally working properly. Working with Stephanie has not only improved my health and body image, it has improved my marriage, my relationship with my children, and my day-to-day happiness. Her practical approach taught me how to make my health a priority, even as a busy mother of three. I am forever grateful for Stephanie, her expertise in her field, and for her being there for me every step of the way. - Lauren

I am so grateful for Stephanie and her program.

I am so grateful for Stephanie and her program. I learned many new tools that dramatically changed my mindset and approach to health/wellness. I have a new life now and everything feels like second nature and not like I’m following a “diet” or “plan”.  My confidence has increased and positively affected all areas of my life. Stephanie really helped tailor the tools to fit my life and my various requirements, rather than the other way around. She gets that life comes up and will work with you to find ways to reach your goals through it all. I loved her personal approach and everything I learned is absolutely realistic to sustain. I’m so appreciative for this program and for Stephanie for being so relatable, understanding, and truly helpful through this whole process. -Emily

Stephanie has helped me make some serious life changing decisions.

Stephanie has been incredibly influential in my life since I started on my path to health and wellness. Being pregnant is hard, making healthy choices while pregnant is even harder. Not only did Stephanie guide my decisions related to food, and help me make better decisions for me and my baby, but she made it easy and fun! She supported me every step of the way and encouraged me. She helped me make better decisions while giving into these pregnancy cravings. I am forever grateful! I now hear her voice in my head when I’m at the grocery store and planning out my meals for the week! I feel healthy and I know my baby girl is getting great nutrition while in the womb. On top of being an incredible health coach she has helped me make some serious life changing decisions. Her guidance, support, honesty and her truly caring heart has gotten me through some tough times and emotions. I am beyond grateful. I am excited to give birth and continue on with my health journey with Stephanie. I’m excited to better my life and my soon to be daughters life with Stephanie’s support! - Hannah

I consider myself lucky...

I consider myself lucky to be part of your journey to becoming a health coach. You provided some good insight and tools to help me achieve my goals. And ultimately you reminded me to be kind to myself, acknowledge what works and what doesn't, and to use each moment as an "a-ha" to help move me in the direction I visualize myself going. - Filipina

Stephanie took away the fear and made it more attainable.

When I came to Stephanie I wanted freedom. Freedom from my limiting beliefs, from letting others comments dictate how I felt about myself, and freedom from allowing what I ate or drank dictate my entire life. I had been struggling with some of these things since I was a teenager, seen therapists and felt like maybe I was just helpless and it wasn’t worth the effort anymore. After a month of working with Steph and answering questions she had asked me to answer for myself like “what’s holding me back” I feel like I have gained more confidence, more energy and more freedom. 


Stephanie took away the fear and made it more attainable.  I’m a mom she helped me realize that as a mothers we show up for everyone else but also need to show up for ourselves. Whether you need help with loosing weight or just need more mental clarity like I did, working with Stephanie will honestly transform your life.  I am so happy that I chose to do this journey because I feel more joy in my life, my relationship with my husband is stronger, and I’m more present for my son. -Alex

I have lost weight and become stronger

As a result of coaching with Stephanie, I have lost weight and become stronger due to staying on track with exercise. Stephanie’s positive energy and encouragement was so helpful in attaining goals I set for myself. Our group sessions provided the accountability I needed to maintain focus and succeed. I am grateful to Stephanie for her wonderful coaching skills and would recommend to anyone looking for that extra push!


I am looking forward to using these valuable tools for the rest of my life.

I know how to shred some weight. I know how to work out to stay fit. I know what I would like to achieve. I thought I knew what I want to have in my life. What I often don’t know is how to stay consistent in my journey and how to make it all come together so that I don’t fall back into sabotaging my success. How do I incorporate acceptance and gratitude into my life? I was missing the key until I opened myself up to working with Stephanie Luciano.

Through her holistic approach, intelligence, nonjudgmental guidance, and practical tools, I am learning what no longer works for me in my life and what my limiting beliefs are and have always been. I have learned to have daily celebrations and intentions. I have had so many ah-ha moments and revelations in such a short time. Realizing the “whys” and having set action steps created more self-awareness and confidence.

I am looking forward to using these valuable tools for the rest of my life. Thank you, Steph, for all the time and support. You are a beautiful, kind soul.

If you feel like you need some direction and would like a practical and holistic approach, I highly recommend Stephanie as your coach. What’s so awesome is that she has private or group sessions, and she can work remotely with you. That was a plus for me in my busy life. My little group has taught me so much. And I am grateful to them as well for listening and supporting. 💪🏼♥️


We learned so much from you...

We learned so much from you and found all of your information and knowledge to be eye-opening and helpful. Your work has inspired us to be better eaters, and we certainly don’t indulge like we used to! I’ve cut out the sugar and have altered the way I shop for food and stock the house forever. I have raved about you to so many friends. Thank you for all of your dedication and inspiration!  

Jason and Adrian of the best things I have done for myself.

Working with Stephanie was one of the best things I have done for myself. Through her program, I gained confidence and improved the way I feel about myself.  I am happy in my skin, no matter what the scale says. I don't even care about the scale anymore! I have eliminated negativity from my life and created healthy boundaries. A massive change for me was my relationship with food. I feel balanced, and I no longer have significant ups and downs or go to the extreme of dieting one week and binging the next. I learned how always to be prepared so that I feel in control of the choices I make. I'm grateful for her program and recommend Stephanie to anyone looking to feel happy and confident in their skin!  


I love hearing back from my clients, please share your feedback.

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