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My Story

Hey, I’m Stephanie Luciano.


I’m a mom, wife, and a woman with a desire to help other women achieve a life they LOVE.



I was born and raised in Southern California where I currently live with my family.


I started my journey into coaching around the time I turned 40. Although I co-owned (and still do) Novo Body Fitness in Encino with my husband, Miguel, I still felt like I wanted something MORE in my life.


I remember around the time I turned 40, which was just after the birth of my son, I started having a lot more moments of self-reflection. Something just felt like it was missing. I was a successful business owner, happily married, a mom of two amazing kids, I had great friends, a nice home, nice things, I got to travel often… the list goes on. I had so much in my life that I truly loved and enjoyed, and yet something still felt like it was missing.


I can remember one day in particular SO clearly. Miguel and I were driving in the car, on the way home from dinner, and he asked me, "Babe, are you happy?"  And in that moment, I said to him, “I mean, I know I should be….and yes, I’m happy with all the things we have, I love you, I love our kids, and I love Novo Body, but since you asked me, honestly, something is missing.


It was then that I said to him I felt like I was missing JOY.


I wanted to be more excited about life, rather than feel like I was going through the motions.


I wanted to feel jazzed all the time!


Have you ever experienced this? Feeling like you’re for the most part pretty happy, but it’s just not cutting it? Like there has to be MORE to this life?


Do you ever feel like you are stuck doing the same things, day in and day out, and life has become sort of mundane?  


It feels like life is meant to be more, but you feel stuck and unsure of how to get there.


I totally get it, because this was me for so long.


But when Miguel asked me that question I began some serious soul searching, and it was during that journey that I discovered what was missing, which was a deep connection and passion in my purpose.


I began to start to see my bigger purpose. I felt the deep need to contribute. To serve. To give back. To participate in my life on a deeper level, to get involved with other people’s lives in a deeper, more meaningful way and in that journey I became a Certified Health Coach and continued on to get my Holistic MBA. I’ve gotten to work with so many incredible women in their goals to improve their health and their life… And most recently I’ve made another big change in my journey.


I have become a Certified Transformational Mindset & Life Coach, and I am so excited for this next phase in my life, helping more women to find their dream life of purpose and abundance.


Although I love everything about being a Health and Wellness Coach and will continue to offer that type of coaching, I realized I still wanted to do MORE. I wanted to help women not only have good health, but also to know their purpose and have as much passion for it as I do. And I wanted to meet different women where they are at along their wellness journeys, because wellness is so much more than just physical health.


Joy was the missing piece of my life, and I want to help you find the missing piece of yours. Whether its more joy, abundance, happiness, purpose, riches… or ALL of these and MORE, I want to help you find the life of your dreams. The life you deserve and deep down that you desire.

Are you ready to find your life of MORE too?


Then you’re in the right place. 

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