My Story

I’m Stephanie Luciano, born and raised in Southern California. I’m married and a mom of 2 kiddos. My son is 3 and my daughter is 12. I’m an entrepreneur, and co-own Novo Body Fitness in Encino with my husband Miguel Novo. Fitness is one of my passions. If you are ever in Los Angeles, you will find me working out in our studio. I love group fitness so much. The combined energy, community and empowerment just lights me up!


A few years ago, just around when I turned 40, I felt the call to become a Health Coach.


In fact, it was just after the birth of my son Cruz, that I started having moments of self-reflection. Here I am, a successful business owner, happily married, a mom of two, I have great friends, a nice home, nice things, I get to travel, etc etc… but even with all of those amazing blessings, something was missing.


I can remember this day so clearly. Miguel and I were driving in the car, on the way home from dinner, and he asked me…. "Babe, are you happy?"  And in that moment, I said to him, “I mean, I know I should be….and yes, I’m happy with all the things, I love you, I love our kids, and I love Novo Body, but since you asked me, honestly, something is missing." And it was then that I said to him, "I think what I want is MORE JOY!" I want to be excited about life. I want to feel jazzed all the time!!!


Have you ever experienced that? Feeling happy, but it’s just not cutting it??? Like there has to be MORE! Have you ever said to yourself, sitting in the car at the red light, what am I doing with my LIFE? And you reflect on, what most days look like...rushing around in the morning to get out of the house, throwing food in the blender for the daily smoothie breakfast, making lunches, dropping off kids, squeezing in a workout, going to work, picking up kids, doing a thousand errands, driving kids to their activities, walking the dog, throwing dinner together, bath time, bed books, bed, and then HELLO it’s the end of the day and you’re exhausted!! Then you get up and do it all over again. Every day. 

But what ELSE IS THERE? Right??? Do you feel me?


So, that question Miguel ask me sparked some serious soul searching. I started reading all kinds of books. Motivational Books. Spiritual Books. Self Help Books. Autobiographies. Listening to pod casts. Listening to audio books. Following every motivational speaker on Instagram that I could find. Reading blogs. I immersed myself in this search for SOMETHING MORE and a few months later, everything became so clear.


I figured out what was missing.


What was missing from my life was the deep connection to my purpose. WHY AM I HERE??? I felt the deep need to contribute. To serve. To give back. To participate in my life on a deeper level, to get involved with other peoples lives in a deeper, more meaningful way and, that is how I found the Health Coach Institute and became a Certified Health Coach. Once I received my certification, I graduated and continued my education to get an HOLISTIC MBA.


The path of mastery has been incredible. It truly aligns with me and what I’m meant to do.


Coaching has been a gift in so many ways. When I started learning, I had no idea how TRANSFORMATIONAL it would be to my own life. I’ve grown in so many ways. I’m a more patient mom. A more connected wife. A better businesswoman. I’m kinder to myself. I appreciate what I have and I trust where I am going. I had no idea when I began coaching where the road ahead would take me, but I’m so grateful.


If I had to choose a word to describe why I love coaching so much it would be, JOY! It was the missing piece of my life. I found my mission, my purpose and that gives me fulfillment.